lunedì 4 maggio 2015

Corso di Scrittura on line di ANTHONY VALERIO

We wish to inform all our follower that Mr. Anthony Valerio has just released an animated, supportive 2 + hour video on the art of writing. Here is the link: 

Anthony Valerio, editor at McGraw-Hill, taught creative writing at the New York University, the City University of New York and Wesleyan University. He has been the editor of World wide famous author Shel Silverstein published in Italy by Salani and Orecchio Acerbo, and of Toni Cade Bambara. The Italian edition of his biography of Anita Garibaldi is published by Gallucci. 
About the course.
Learn the basic concepts and methods that you will need to become the writer you wish to be. Acquire the knowledge of the proper writing tools to use, good habits to precede your writing session, how to find the appropriate Narrative Voice for each of your projects, tips on how to organize your writing day or night, a proven method to break through Writer's Block, ways to find your subject matter and how to go from one work to the next. Through all of this useful, often amusing, information, you will be guided by a seasoned, caring professional author and editor. 
I am determined to share all that I have learned in the publishing and writing worlds, all for the purpose of serving your needs, whether it be to improve, hone, and sustain your writing skills; or to provide you with step-by-step processes of publishing your work; or to satisfy your curiosity of what a professional writer's life is like. I have designed this course to allay any of your trepidations about the world and practice of writers and writing and to provide you with the day-to-day workable means of becoming the best writer you can possible be.
  • Become a happy and successful writer through the lessons, techniques, and professional guidance provided in this course.
  • Discover the kind of writer you wish to be. Find your Brand.
  • Learn proven methods that cultivate your creative self.
  • Find out how to publish E books and/or trade paperbacks. The content of an effective cover letter. Resources on finding agents, editors and publishers. Learn, practice and master the three distinct stages for writing a successful work either of fiction or nonfiction.
  • Learn the literary devices that master writers have used to achieve their great effects.

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